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Dear guests,

As winter slowly but noticeably recedes and spring approaches a little closer each day, the anticipation and confidence of sunny times grows. 

Again, a "hard winter" lies behind us, coupled with restrictions and caution.

According to our principle: "Eyes open and through!" we prepare ourselves for the coming weeks and months. Just- as good as it is possible.

With the completion of the spring offers- the summer arrangements and our popular "Romantic Packages" for dreamy days at the lake, we have taken momentum again and are looking forward to the "time of lightness!"

We start just in time for "Valentine" with gourmet pleasure for special hours in our star - restaurant s`Äpfle! Let us spoil you with hearty service and the finest from the lake- from the forests and from the fields of the region.

Enjoy the unique feel-good atmosphere of the Seehotel Villa Linde nestled on the shores of Lake Constance in romantic Bodman. Here the soul breathes, here you are surrounded by beauty and the blue of the lake - as far as the eye can see.

Let us inspire you for the most beautiful days of the year - and please make your reservations in time, especially for spring and summer. Our reception is again staffed daily and will be happy to give you good advice.        

Still we have the current regulations, but again offer free rapid tests for guests of the house. At our reception we have certified staff who will take the test within a few minutes and provide the appropriate proof.

It is time again for joy and lively lightness.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher Wolfram von Prack and your Seehotel Villa Linde Team 

Akademie Bodensee


Kunstkurse in unserem Atelier in Bodman direkt am Bodenseeufer. 

zu den Kursen

lake-hotel Villa Linde in


The Seehotel Villa Linde is located above the harbor of Bodman, a jewel that has been carefully rebuilt and today once again occupies a firm place as a lovingly managed hotel on Lake Constance. Initially, a post office stood here - in the shade of old lime trees.
This developed into an inn and hostel for travelers and finally, in the 1920s, into the Hotel Linde. In the 1930s, the Hotel Linde was expanded. Subsequently, the hotel quickly became a fixture on Lake Constance, hosting guests from all parts of Germany and the world; including such illustrious figures as the King of Siam.

Today, the Seehotel offers you modernly furnished rooms, culinary delights in the restaurant and a beautiful view of Lake Constance. Experience your very own Lake Constance vacation, with us at the Seehotel Villa Linde. Located directly on Lake Constance, it offers a variety of recreational opportunities.



the Hotel   Family Bodman

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